Hi I'm Yolanda

I am the Go Tos "GO TO" Coach

My Turning Point

The turning point for me was knowing that if I didn’t take the necessary steps to change my mindset and focus on my health and wellness, my self-love, my self-awareness, and my self-care, that I would eventually fall completely apart mentally and emotionally because I was losing MY identity in my career and in others. I have always had a love for physical fitness, wellness, and coaching others but where I struggled was mentally and emotionally.


One thing I had to learn which I did through a coach myself was that your physical wellness is interconnected with your mental, emotional, and spiritual health and that it’s ok to permit yourself to be human. So, I had to let go of the façade, let myself be vulnerable, create and set boundaries so that I could prioritize my wellness first so that I could be a better version of my TRUE authentic self!

How Elevate 2 Wellness started

Elevate 2 Wellness, LLC was started based on my desire to share my knowledge, experience, and growth process in the areas of Mindset, Health, and Wellness to other Career-Driven Women Leaders who are extremely overwhelmed and lack the time, energy, and motivation to make their health and wellness a top priority and to love themselves from the inside out.

The foundation is built upon my core values:


Personal Growth & Development

Health and Well-being

Faith & Spiritually


Yolanda Tate ARMY

More About Me

I am a ACE Certified Personal Trainer/

Group Fitness Instructor

I am a Classic Old School Hip-Hop Head

I love to dance

I am a wine lover

I love writing poetry

I love and adore dogs

I competed years ago in several NPC and NGA bodybuilding competitions

I love cheese (Yes, I know it’s dairy!) 

Yolanda Tate, Owner of Elevate2Wellness