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Hi I'm Yolanda

I am the Go Tos "GO TO" Coach

My Turning Point

As an Ambitious Leader, at times I struggled with making MY overall health and wellness a top priority because I was:

  • Too busy losing MY identity in my career and in others

  • Putting on a façade of having it all together on the outside

  • Being the Superwoman and strong "Go-To" for everyone else in my professional career and in my personal life  

However, I've learned to optimize the SAME intelligence and energy that I use as the "go-to' in life to NATURALLY shift my mindset by setting REAL intentions to implement daily habits, behaviors, and strategies to ELEVATE 2 WELLNESS and to discover new joys of being my TRUE self - Executing and Living more AUTHENTICALLY!

The turning point for me was knowing that if I didn’t take the necessary steps to change my mindset and focus on my health and wellness, my self-love, my self-awareness, and my self-care, that I would eventually fall completely apart mentally and emotionally because I was losing MY identity in my career and in others. I have always had a love for physical fitness, wellness, and coaching others but where I struggled was mentally and emotionally.


One thing I had to learn which I did through a coach myself was that your physical wellness is interconnected with your mental, emotional, and spiritual health and that it’s ok to permit yourself to be human. So, I had to let go of the façade, let myself be vulnerable, create and set boundaries so that I could prioritize my wellness first so that I could be a better version of my TRUE authentic self!

Yolanda Tate - Owner of Elevate 2 Wellness

How Elevate 2 Wellness Started

Elevate 2 Wellness, LLC was started based on the desire to share knowledge, experience, and growth process in the areas of Mindset, Health, and Wellness to Women Executives and Business Owners who are extremely overwhelmed and lack the time, energy, and motivation to make their health and wellness a top priority. Our ultimate mission is to help people and organizations create balance, clarity and excellence in their lives through well-being consulting, training and coaching.

The foundation is built upon these core values:


Personal Growth & Development

Health and Well-being

Faith & Spiritually


Yolanda Tate - Owner of Elevate 2 Wellness

More About Me...


ACE Certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor


NPC & NGA body building competitions


Dancing & Writing poetry

Music Preference:

Classic Old School Hip-Hop Head

Favorite Animal:


Favorite Food: 

I love cheese! (Yes, I know it's dairy)

Favorite Drink: 

Wine lover

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