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Healthy Mindset, Healthy Lifestyle 

Mindset, Health and Wellness Transformation Coaching with Yolanda Tate

Meet Yolanda

Owner of Elevate2Wellness

Hi, I’m Yolanda and I’m an Ambitious Career-Driven Leader with over 30+ years of work experience.


I am a Retired U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major and since 1993, I have coached, mentored, and empowered men and women in the military to increase their individual readiness through personal and professional development so they can perform at their very best.


My passion is to transform lives!


As a Wellness Consultant and Coach, I help individuals and organizations discover their own innate wellness by exploring how they can make significant changes in their daily habits.


My goal is to support your specific wellness goals to increase your productivity and performance. Together, we’ll push boundaries in order to come up with a personalized plan designed just for you to achieve transformational and sustainable results.

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What I do, and why...

I coach and equip GENX Women Executives and Business Owners to increase
performance and productivity by ELEVATING their Personal and Organizational
Wellness from a Holistic Approach

Overcome and Slay Negative Beliefs!

Elevate Growth Mindset!

Develop and Implement  Practical Daily Lifestyle Habits and Strategies!

Increase Self-Awareness, Confidence and Clarity!

Discover New Joys of Executing and Living More Authentically!

Provide services and products that promote easy-to-do healthy habits, behaviors, and strategies to help women elevate themselves.

Build a safe community with other career-driven GENX women where we can encourage, empower, and keep each other accountable.

Empower women to know that no matter what age you are, it is NOT too late for self-awareness, self-discovery, and growth to enjoy executing and living authentically!


My goal is to..

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Are you ready for a change?

"Make yourself a priority, you're worth it."

"What can you reprioritize in order to elevate your health and wellness."

"Enjoy what makes you feel alive and ignites your soul."

Are you looking for ways to stay active at home?

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