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Elevate 2 Wellness By Yolanda Tate

Discover the Power of Transformation 

Healthy Mindset, Healthy Lifestyle
Transformation Coaching and Consulting with Yolanda Tate

Meet Yolanda

Owner of Elevate2Wellness

Yolanda Tate is a United States Army Veteran with nearly three decades of dedicated service. As a leader, coach, trainer, and mentor, she contributed to the personal and professional readiness of soldiers and civilian employees in various organizations.

Throughout her career and now as an entrepreneur, her passion and core values have always centered around growth and transformation from a holistic perspective!

As a Wellness Consultant and Coach, Yolanda equips individuals and organizations with resources, strategies, and tools to adopt growth mindsets and sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. Her practical methods bolster performance, productivity, and leadership, enabling clients to transform and build thriving wellness environments.

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Create Lasting Change with Professional Wellness Transformation

Elevate 2 Wellness provides customized professional development workshops and training, executive and small group coaching, assessments, and organizational wellness consulting and program design. Our goal is to help organizations invest in the personal wellness of their leadership and teams to increase productivity, improve performance, and create transformative thriving environments. Our holistic approach to health, wellness, and well-being focuses on growth mindset frameworks to help you develop a healthy mindset and lifestyle.

Unlearn Negative Behaviors and Maintain Empowering Habits

Elevate Your Thinking from Fixed to a

Growth Mindset!

Develop & Implement  Practical Daily Lifestyle Habits & Strategies!

Increase Self-Awareness, Confidence, Clarity and Resilience!

Discover New Joys of Executing & Living More Authentically!

Our Wellness Transformation Programs are designed to help you create lasting change in your life. Through our customized workshops, executive and small group coaching, assessments, and organizational wellness consulting, we will work with you to develop the mindset and lifestyle that is right for you. We offer comprehensive programs to help you cultivate a healthy mindset and lifestyle, improve your performance and productivity, and develop your leadership skills so you can create and sustain the ideal wellness environment for your organization.

Elevate 2 Wellness By Yolanda Tate

Transform Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

Elevate 2 Wellness By Yolanda Tate

Are you ready for a change?

"Make yourself a priority, you're worth it."

"What can you reprioritize in order to elevate your health and wellness."

"Enjoy what makes you feel alive and ignites your soul."

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