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Mindset, Health and Wellness Transformation Coaching with Yolanda Tate

Meet Yolanda

Owner of Elevate2Wellness

Hi, I’m Yolanda and I’m an Ambitious Career-Driven Woman Leader with over 30+ years of work experience. I am also a Retired U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major who at times struggled with making MY overall health and wellness a top priority because I was too busy losing MY identity in my career and in others, putting on a façade of having it all together on the outside, and always having to be the strong "Go-To" for everyone else in my professional career and in my personal life.  

However, I've learned to optimize the SAME intelligence and energy that I use as the go-to in life to NATURALLY shift my mindset by setting REAL intentions to implement daily habits, behaviors, and strategies to ELEVATE 2 WELLNESS and to discover new joys of being my TRUE self and living more AUTHENTICALLY!


What I do, and why...

I equip and empower Ambitious Career-Driven GENX Women to:

Overcome and Slay Negative Beliefs!

Elevate their Mindset!

Prioritize their Health and Wellness!

Embrace Aging Gracefully and Love themselves from the Inside Out!

Discover New Joys of Living More Authentically!

Provide services and products that promote easy-to-do healthy habits, behaviors, and strategies to help women elevate themselves.

Build a safe community with other career-driven GENX women where we can encourage, empower, and keep each other accountable.

Know that no matter what age you are, it is NOT too late for self-awareness, self-discovery, and growth to enjoy living authentically!


My goal is to..

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Are you ready for a change?

"Make yourself a priority, you're worth it."

"What can you reprioritize in order to elevate your health and wellness."

"Enjoy what makes you feel alive and ignites your soul."

Are you looking for ways to stay active at home?

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